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Adminmod plugins

Here's a couple of plugins I've written or modified for adminmod.

plugin_zagor_maps.sma [amx compiled on linux]
A heavily modified plugin_hldsld_mapvote:
  • Map change is postponed until the final round is finished. No more interrupted rounds. (Requires hltrig.)
  • The 5 most recently played maps are placed in "quarantine", and can't be voted on. Improves diversity in maps.
  • Bugs fixed. ('nextmap' would report wrong, 'timeleft' too)
  • Saying 'votemap' is treated the same as saying 'vote'
  • 'vote' and 'votemap' can be typed in the console too, with the same result (but you can't type 'votemap 13' anymore, must be a name)
  • You only have to write a unique string to identify a map. I.e "vote t2" casts a vote for de_dust2.
  • Simplified string handling (using strsplit() instead of byte-by-byte parsing)
  • Improved cosmetics: Can now use say, tsay or csay for vote announcements. Also, responses are mostly one-liners.
  • Maps in "nocycle.txt" are not cycled, they must be voted in. Avoids running non-standard maps on an empty server.
  • Update: Every third map is selected randomly from the maps not in nocycle.txt. This further improves diversity.
    plugin_teamkill.sma [amx compiled on linux]
    Slaps people when they kill a teammate, or kicks him if the kill was within 10 seconds from round start. Update: Now bans on repeated TD. This plugin is a proof-of-concept for my hltrig perl script that sends mod specific events to adminmod scripts. Use plugin_hltrig.sma to see all events that occur.
    Keeps track of when players were last seen on the server. Say 'seen zagor' and it will respond with something like "Zagor was here 4 hours and 22 minutes ago".
    Gags people who repeat themselves too much.
    Type 'qb jerk' and the one player who has 'jerk' in his name is banned. The 'admin_ban' command should work this way, but for some reason I'm having problems with it. So I wrote this.
    Very simple plugin that lets you say 'explain tk' and it will explain the concept of tk, and a few other words. Could have be called plugin_faq.sma... :-)
    A modification of Shady Milkman's camper plugin. Changes are:
  • Added option for only informing other players of a camper: say("Zagor is camping"). This has proved enough to discourage camping on my server, yet is more subtle than slay or kick or even centersay.
  • Added Idle/AFK detection, separately from camper handling. Kicks players that haven't moved (at all) for X minutes.
  • Improved algorithm to reduce false positives (multiple positives required before first warning)
  • Fixed timer repeat bug
  • Now also kicks idle spectators
    plugin_hltrig_ptb.sma [amx compiled on linux]
    Ptahhotep's Team Balancer v1.6, modified to work with hltrig instead of logd (i.e. much simpler now ;). Also minor other modifications to make it a bit less "chatty".
    plugin_defuseordie.sma [amx compiled on linux]
    Defuse-or-die is a plugin that tries to encourage team play by slaying the entire team on certain events:
  • When the bomb detonates, all CTs die
  • When the bomb is defused, all Ts die
  • When all hostages are rescued, all Ts die
    plugin_miniadmin.sma [amx compiled on linux]
    Miniadmin gives one semitrusted player at a time access to the 'goaway' command, which bans a user for 5 minutes. More detailed info here (in swedish).

    Updated 2002-12-06. hltrig is a perl script that you pipe the server output into. The script then interprets the logs and sends "trig" events to adminmod for a number of events. This enables adminmod scripts to be "mod aware", i.e. to act on mod-specific events such as bomb plants etc in Counter Strike. (Update added more info to 'attacked' and 'killed' events.)

    Use plugin_hltrig.sma [amx] to see all events that occur.

    New: plugin_hltrig_cheat.sma is a new script that bans the cheaters caught by Valves new anticheat code.

    Hltrig uses to communicate with the server. Put it in the same directory as hltrig.

    To use it, start it in the same command line that starts the server:

    hlds_run -game cstrike +maxplayers 20 +map cs_italy |

    Don't forget to change the XXXX in the script to your rcon password!

    Note: I've only tested on linux.

    -- Zagor

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